Films with Benefits Presents: The Schlockbuster Watch Party!

On the heels of their wildly successful trivia events at Fortune & Glory, the Films with Benefits hi-fi film trivia masterminds have been deep in the B-movie dungeon cooking up something fresh and exciting. Fortunately, the wait is over! 

Films with Benefits hi-fi trivia is pleased to present an all-new addition to the event lineup: SCHLOCKBUSTER - A Celebration of the Cinematically Challenged -- scheduled for Thursday, September 14 at 7pm.

For our inaugural selection, we're showing one of the most deliciously terrible films of the 90s, a clip of which received a standing ovation at our last trivia night, sending our trivia teams into convulsions of hysteria. When a free-wheeling, motorcycle-riding rapper arrives in a small town and catches the eyes of a local honor student whose father, hiding in the witness protection program, is discovered by a couple of crooked cops... well, hilarity ensues.

Yes, this is a watch party --but so much more! Along with the so-bad-it's-amazing movie, we'll have:

  • Vintage commercial breaks
  • Multiple trivia questions for instant prizes
  • A bonus prize for whomever shows off the COOLEST early-90s fashion

So dust off your neon bike shorts, your acid-washed jean jacket, and your Reebok high tops with the "Pump" technology because we're going to kick it old school! Thursday September 14th at 7pm: Make it a SCHLOCKBUSTER Night!

  • SCHLOCKBUSTER is free!
  • The event runs approximately 90 minutes
  • Prize winners will receive gift certificates for gameplay at Galactix, and/or snacks from Fortune & Glory 
  • The film is edited into several sections, each separated by a commercial and trivia break so you can grab another beverage or snack --or use the restroom.
  • We'll kick off at 7pm. You can participate regardless of when you arrive!
  • As our taproom is open all ages, so is this event. That said, adult language might be present in materials.
  • You can definitely join as an observer --participation is totally optional!
  • We have limited capacity, so the event is first come, first seated.
  • The Fortune & Glory team is excited to provide a fun option for our friends and colleagues to gather in good company for laughter and fun-spirited competition around one of our civilization's greatest shared experiences: cinema.