June Films with Benefits: High School Sucks!

Films with Benefits, our monthly hi-fi film trivia event is back for another rousing edition of trivia celebrating the best of cinematic tomfoolery, so mark your calendars! June's Films with Benefits event is Thursday, June 8 at 7pm: HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS! 

Who can forget...? The frenemies, the cliques, the crushes, the homework, the acne, the overwhelming newness and the pounding boredom. For four excruciatingly long years, high school is our job, our social circle, our LIFE. We've all been there, and we've all seen movies about being there --often more than once-- so come prepared with your scantron sheets and your number 2 pencils, and put your wits to the test!

Roll call (and this is just a sample of our class roster):

  • Carrie (yes, ma'am)
  • Heathers (like, present)
  • Juno (yeppers)
  • Bill and Ted (huh?)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (Here!)
  • Ferris Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...?

Attendance is mandatory for this end-of-the-school-year pep assembly celebrating the terror, the laughter, and the weirdness that IS high school at our next hi-fi audio/visual film-themed trivia extravaganza: HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS! Pop in to Video HorizonsPrime Video or Netflix, and start brushing up, because finals are just over a week away!

Here are the details:

  • Films with Benefits is free
  • The event runs approximately 90 minutes
  • We will crown our winner with a gift certificate to Video Horizons (or gift subscription to the Criterion Channel). We'll also present a gift certificate for snacks to our runners up.
  • The event is comprised of several sections, each separated by a break so you can grab another beverage or snack --or use the restroom.
  • We'll kick off at 7pm. You can still participate if you arrive late, but you'll reduce your chances of a high score if you miss the first round of questions
  • As our taproom is all ages, so is this event! That said, as the event involves questions about --and audio/video segments from-- films, we advise that adult language might be present in materials. 
  • You can definitely join as an observer --participation is totally optional!
  • We have limited capacity, so the event is first come, first seated. 

The Fortune & Glory team is excited to provide a fun option for our friends and colleagues to gather in good company for laughter and fun-spirited competition around one of our civilization's greatest shared experiences: cinema.