Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Our taproom is open to customers of all ages.

Yes! Our new outdoor patio is open as of May 13, 2023!

We allow dogs outside on our summer patio, but not inside our taproom unless they are certified service dogs with the proper identifiable wear and requisite good manners.

Absolutely! Our menu features hand-mixed zero-proof cocktails and non-alcoholic beer --and sometimes we have hazy apple juice on tap!

We do! Our snacks are super fresh and predominantly house made. While we do offer a tasty vegan snack tray, our other snacks do contain dairy products and our signature Liège street waffles feature butter and eggs. 

We do not allow outside food inside our taproom and cidery, however customers may enjoy takeout food from other establishments on our outdoor patio.

Our license prevents us from allowing outside beverages to be consumed on premises (indoors or out).

We're working with the City of Astoria and our Fort George Brewery to identify the optimal signage solutions that fit within the guidelines of our City's strategic signage code. That said, we do feature a sandwich board sign on Duane Street, as well as a banner outside our facility patio --and you can always find the subtle glowing red light above our Exchange Street door during the evenings. Fun fact: when we were Reveille Ciderworks, our facility didn't have a sign for the first year of our existence!

While we do not add any gluten-containing ingredients to our ciders, our ciders are not certified to be free of gluten. Our farmhouse ciders use organic yeast that is cultured on a grain bed, though we filter all of our ciders post-fermentation, thus capturing yeasts and other solids. Those customers with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities should always exercise caution with any beverage not certified to be free of gluten.

Yes! We always have at least one beer on tap.

Absolutely! Our well-loved Films with Benefits hi-fi A/V trivia event occurs the second Thursday of every month.

Nope! Please keep your firearms away from our cidery and your fellow customers.

Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed on the outdoor patio or in the Fort George gardens during open business hours.

Nope! The word 'premises' (also 'premisses') is both singular and plural, referring to a building or part of a building and its associated physical grounds. Pretty neat! The word 'premise' exclusively refers to a proposition antecedently supposed or proved as a basis of argument or inference. The word 'premise' has absolutely nothing to do with a building or physical grounds. Also, it's 'I couldn't care less,' not 'I could care less.' Words are things and they have meaning.